Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hookin' it up!

Since Provo
We've made our way to Salt Lake City,
then to Denver, Omaha, Lawrence, Kansas City and St. Louis!
Every show keeps getting tighter and tighter and the bond developing on stage between the three of us just keeps getting stronger.

Denver was lucky. We had a little van trouble ( turned out we got bad gas) and barely made it to this show! But thanks to Jordan and Jean, we had a really fun night!

Our show in Lawrence with Another Holiday and Aubrey was really fun. While we were in Lawrence, we thrifted it up and i got a View Master from the 60's. There is a photo that came with it that is of a man underwater. It completely freaks me out. Lawrence people are really cool and i'm really excited to get back there during the school year.

We had a day in St. Louis and decided to use it to hook up our VCR.
Exciting, for many reasons, we have so many VHS tapes we are so excited to watch!


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