Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Tour Starts!

Last night, JUNE 14th we kicked off our tour in Silverlake, CA.
It was such an amazing show for many reasons.

- my band Noah Wheeler (on drums) and long time friend Chris Peck (on bass)
i feel this the BEST the music has ever sounded!
these people are truly gifted musicians
i feel so lucky to have them rocking out these tunes!

- the monolators.
(LA based band)
it's rare to find musicians that really extend themselves
both eli and mary are such an inspiration for me.

- ema and the ghosts
ema has the sweetest voice,
it made me feel pretty.

- driving " the chief " (our van) ^ to her first show!
we are SO excited about our van. it's hard to describe,
but ever since i was little i've dreamt about having a car that feels like home.
she does.

Now we're off to Sacramento and are so excited to play together again!


1 comment:

economywine said...

awesome van... BIG windows... lotsa gas... no flats! have a great tour.