Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday we made our way to Provo, Utah from Reno.
I did not realize that Utah is pretty much a Mormon state.
Last night after a great show there, a really nice guy named Tyson offered to have us stay at his place. His place is directly over the venue we played at.

After we got sponsored to get into the bar for a beer, we returned to his house, where he and his friends were playing mariocart.
After a few minutes I decided to go for it and ask them about being Mormons.
I'm not too familiar with it and knew that it is a big part of Utah culture.
We proceeded to have a 3 hour long conversation til 2am!
We learned so much about it!

So now we are in Salt Lake City with brand new perspectives on Utah. hehe
The people in Provo were really cool to play for, they received us very well.
I think lots of people who were there last night are coming to the show tonight!

Tomorrow off to Colorado!

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la-underground said...

photos and video please. thank you.