Wednesday, July 4, 2007

back in NYC!!

Well, we made our way through northern NY to finally arrive in NYC!!

We had an awesome time at the Rochester food fest. I have never played outdoors and the stage was really big! There were lots of folk there, my goal while playing was to get the furthest person away from us to stop in there tracks and come check us out. I think it worked with at least one... a security guy way in the back ended up buying a cd :)

After Rochester we made our way to Buffalo NY. On the way we realized that Niagra Falls was really close so we missioned there as fast as we could! We decided to take the tour that takes you as close as you can get to the falls and all three of us got drenched! It was really thrilling getting that close to a water fall. Made us feel like we were 3 years old; laughing and screaming uncontrollably.

Also in Buffalo is Righteous Babe Records, the most honorable label in the US. Ani diFranco started the label on her own to release her own records, but now Righteous Babe releases some of the best records! Arto Linsday's newest as well as Andrew Bird. We decided to go by Righteous Babe (which is in a beautiful old church) to say hello. They were so nice to us and gave us one of her newest releases!!

Now in NYC, Noah Chris and I feel right at home. All three of us have lived here at some point, so we've been having a blast catching up with friends... Our first PIANOS show went great!
Tomorrow we play there again with PERRY WENT HOME, (Noah's band from St. Louis)
Hopefully the show will be as good as the last one!


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