Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hookin' it up!

Since Provo
We've made our way to Salt Lake City,
then to Denver, Omaha, Lawrence, Kansas City and St. Louis!
Every show keeps getting tighter and tighter and the bond developing on stage between the three of us just keeps getting stronger.

Denver was lucky. We had a little van trouble ( turned out we got bad gas) and barely made it to this show! But thanks to Jordan and Jean, we had a really fun night!

Our show in Lawrence with Another Holiday and Aubrey was really fun. While we were in Lawrence, we thrifted it up and i got a View Master from the 60's. There is a photo that came with it that is of a man underwater. It completely freaks me out. Lawrence people are really cool and i'm really excited to get back there during the school year.

We had a day in St. Louis and decided to use it to hook up our VCR.
Exciting, for many reasons, we have so many VHS tapes we are so excited to watch!


Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday we made our way to Provo, Utah from Reno.
I did not realize that Utah is pretty much a Mormon state.
Last night after a great show there, a really nice guy named Tyson offered to have us stay at his place. His place is directly over the venue we played at.

After we got sponsored to get into the bar for a beer, we returned to his house, where he and his friends were playing mariocart.
After a few minutes I decided to go for it and ask them about being Mormons.
I'm not too familiar with it and knew that it is a big part of Utah culture.
We proceeded to have a 3 hour long conversation til 2am!
We learned so much about it!

So now we are in Salt Lake City with brand new perspectives on Utah. hehe
The people in Provo were really cool to play for, they received us very well.
I think lots of people who were there last night are coming to the show tonight!

Tomorrow off to Colorado!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Tour Starts!

Last night, JUNE 14th we kicked off our tour in Silverlake, CA.
It was such an amazing show for many reasons.

- my band Noah Wheeler (on drums) and long time friend Chris Peck (on bass)
i feel this the BEST the music has ever sounded!
these people are truly gifted musicians
i feel so lucky to have them rocking out these tunes!

- the monolators.
(LA based band)
it's rare to find musicians that really extend themselves
both eli and mary are such an inspiration for me.

- ema and the ghosts
ema has the sweetest voice,
it made me feel pretty.

- driving " the chief " (our van) ^ to her first show!
we are SO excited about our van. it's hard to describe,
but ever since i was little i've dreamt about having a car that feels like home.
she does.

Now we're off to Sacramento and are so excited to play together again!